Jan Windsor

Territory Manager - North Carolina


It can be so exhilarating, exciting, and daunting to buy a home, especially the first one! As agents, you help your clients go through all these emotions, the paperwork, legal documents, inspections, and all the rest. As your home warranty partner, we protect your homeowners after you have closed the sale.

Making sure your clients are covered for a major breakdown or repair creates happiness, security and contentment in their homes, and, of course, referrals and “clients for life” for you!

You find them the house of their dreams. Let us protect it!

Jan Windsor thrives and values being a part of that exciting experience with you and your homeowners.

She brings you and your clients trust, dependability and freedom from many worries. Jan offers:

  • Home warranty experience in service, sales, management and hiring in various states and locations, totaling 15 years in the field.
  • Calm demeanor and true professionalism in dealing with difficult situations.
  • Freedom from worry -- Call Jan! Together with HSA, you can make homeownership better for your client.


HSA - Why Us?

  • Over 25 years experience taking care of homeowners
  • Free seller coverage with HVAC included for no additional cost
  • Buyer undetectable pre-existing condition coverage always included for no additional charge
  • Local sales representative to attend meetings, deliver supplies, and generally make life easier!
  • More service, more coverage, value & great pricing




 "Jan, I wanted to take a moment to contact you and thank you for the job you and HSA are doing with our buyers and sellers. We have received numerous calls from clients that were pleased with the service and professional attitude of your company. They called with a problem, received a prompt response, and had the issue resolved in a timely manner. Several homeowners had been previous clients of other warranty companies and noted that they did not feel the lack of cooperation or the “back-and-forth struggle” they had experienced in the past. All were treated well by HSA, and that speaks volumes in our industry and reflects well on our business and future relationships with clients. Thank you again for all of your hard work."

Frank Gombatz
Fonville Morisey
Raleigh, NC


"It's been a great weekend! I had a closing we never thought would happen. My sellers just could not do one more repair! The house was in great shape, or so we thought. The AC was rusty and older, but still working. We were asked to change it, which we felt was not needed. We called HSA to confirm that it was working fine, but in reality, there was a leak. The unit is no longer made. The repairs would have cost thousands. To make a long story short, HSA said they would fix or replace it. HSA could not order a single replacement part and decided to put in a whole new system. We would never have been able to close if it wasn't for HSA. The work and commitment to our clients when they need it most has been unbelievable.
I honestly thank this program and its services for complementing my work and clients relationships. We closed on that property last Friday. My seller is thrilled and the new buyers are very happy with their new home and new air conditioner. The small amount my seller paid was very reasonable. I thank you HSA. I will always remember to retell this story when listing and or representing buyers. Happy and honestly grateful"

Jessica Foster
Fonville Morisey -- Lochmere




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Contact Me:
Cell: (919) 340-6059
Email: jan.windsor@onlinehsa.com